We believe that it is important to share and refer our clients to only the best service providers or products available. We would not refer our clients to people we do not trust, for several reasons, the number one being that we have firsthand experience and trust the providers & products.
Whether you are looking for holistic healing, nutritional balancing, how to reduce chemicals in your life, and much more, we most likely have a referral! Below is a list of a few service providers and products we absolutely love.


Brows By Bree and Company – Years ago most of us women were tweezing and waxing our eyebrows to the finest line we could tolerate without getting rid of every last hair. Now trends have moved away from that look and we started penciling them in which was another ridiculous trend. More recently most of us have heard of microblading which is a highly damaging technique to the skin. Brows by Bree & Co not only are trained and have 1000’s of hours under their belts of training, continuing education and satisfied clients, they are the BEST in the business!
The owner of Trinity Wellness, has received both the Powder Brow & Lip Blushing services from them and she couldn’t be happier with the services received and the final result. If you are looking for an amazing team to take care of your brows, lips or lash lines, they are the team to go to!

Moses Nutrition - We started a journey a few years back to figure out how to ensure our bodies were operating as optimally as possible and we found Krissi at Moses Nutrition. Their approach is nutritional balancing with the use of supplements and hair analysis. If you are looking for a more holistic way of managing the body functions or any ailments, their team can help!!!

Northeastern Plastic Surgery – if you are looking for a plastic surgeon that is knowledgeable, has been in practice over 20 years and will make you feel comfortable, Dr Fodero is your man!

Reflections Center Cosmetic Medicine – If you are in need of Botox, filler, or laser hair removal, this is the place to go. They have cultivated an amazing team of providers to ensure their patients receive the highest level of care! Dr. Wix-Harris has been treating us for a few years now and we LOVE her! The staff is friendly and welcoming, and their office is in Martinsville is beautiful.


TruEarth has introduced an Eco-Friendly laundry detergent that dissolves completely in either cold or hot water and works in both Standard and HE machines. What we love about this product is that like most that contain water and are liquids, TruEarth laundry detergent come in strips!!! Easy and Convenient to use and store. If you have to travel and normally buy powder or pods to travel with, now you don’t have to worry about that getting all over your clothes or luggage. Put a few strips in a reusable bag and you’re all set.
Additionally, we wanted to get away from using dryer sheets and found the reusable Wool Dryer balls that they offer. Not only did we eliminate the toxic chemicals of the dryer sheets, we noticed our clothes getting softer and our drying time reduced, even with heavy towels!!!
Another product we love for our Active Wear is Rockin Green! Rockin Green has transformed the way our active wear feels and smells even when clean. You ever find yourself moments into your workout and you’ve just started sweating yet the scents emanating from your clothes make you feel like you put dirty clothes on? Us too!!! We were using a store bought brands pods and the chemicals and fragrances in the pods were clinging to our clothes and mixing with our sweat and producing ordors we couldn’t live with anymore.
Fast Forward to trying out Rockin Green and we were sold. No more gross scents, no more perfumed smelling clothes, no more grime stuck in the fabrics, only fresh scents. Rockin Green is also biodegradable, safe for sensitive skin, and cruelty free.
Iron Flask – If you are looking for an affordable, full of color water bottle that will keep your water ice cold throughout the day, we highly recommend Iron Flask, we have several and have gifted several to friends, family & clients! Our favorite is the Wide Mouth Straw Lid, however they have several options to choose from.